Landsvirkjun is a state-owned energy company and therefore plays an important role in society. We place an emphasis on disseminating information to the public, encouraging discourse and creating a platform for the views and interests of those affected by operations. We want to make it easier for the public to familiarise themselves with our operations, marketing initiatives and research in the field of natural resources and the environment.


Engaging the public

We want to engage the public in a diverse manner, with the goal of reaching as many members of the public as possible.

We achieved this by holding a number of open meetings in our anniversary year (detailed in the section on our 50th birthday). Nearly 2000 guests attended our meetings and many more watched via YouTube.

Landsvirkjun’s YouTube channel shows a number of informational videos on Company operations as well as recordings of the meetings.

A stronger emphasis was placed on increasing the amount of information and material available on social media this year. Landsvirkjun has a Twitter account and Facebook page where we update the public with news of the Company. We also requested questions and comments via social media at the Annual Meeting which successfully created an informal and accessible platform for discussions and feedback.

We regularly release news of all Landsvirkjun events and anything considered newsworthy in Company operations on our website: We also received over 30,000 guests at our Visitor Centres which are located at the Búrfell Hydropower Station and the Krafla Geothermal Power Station. Guests are also offered a guided tour of the Kárahnjúkar Dam.


Landsvirkjun breaks new ground

Landsvirkjun broke new ground this year by using a new method for the presentation of Initial Environmental Impact Statements (IEIS) when an electronic version of the Environmental Impact Assessment for the Búrfell Wind Farm was released. This is the first electronic version to be released in Iceland and possibly worldwide.

The purpose of this new mode of presentation was to engage public attention early on in the project preparation process when the opportunity to submit suggestions and comments is still open and this feedback can then be used in the design process. The objective is to increase consultation with all stakeholders during the preparation phase for new power projects so that they can contribute to their progress. Electronic presentation methods show the visual impact of power projects more clearly than written reports.

The website was launched in October, 2015 and the reaction to this new approach to presenting Environmental Impact assessments was very positive. The website was also nominated for the Icelandic Web Awards.

In addition to releasing the report, we also held three open meetings to present the report at Arnes, Hella and Reykjavik and set up electronic information centres in Árnes and Hella.

Website for the Búrfell Wind Farm Environmental Impact Assessment

The electronic Environmental Impact assessment for the Búrfell Wind Farm shows the visual impact of the proposed wind farm.